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Helping clients Retire to the Life They Want

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today, and you deserve to approach your retirement with confidence. The Raymond Wealth Management team is experienced and specializes in helping union members and their families work toward their ideal retirement through detailed, personalized planning and guidance for making timely, informed financial decisions regarding their pensions and other retirement assets. Let us help position you to get more from your retirement.

Retirement Planning

To retire with confidence, you need a plan which accounts for all the questions and variables you’ll face as you approach retirement — stock market volatility, inflation, rising costs of living, taxes and healthcare, and more. Raymond Wealth Management's financial advisors are experienced at navigating the complexities surrounding your retirement plans and are equipped to help union members find the effective solutions for their unique situation. We’ll help you maximize your retirement assets, including your union member benefits and pension disbursement plan.

employee consulting

The Raymond Wealth Management team specializes in retirement planning for union members and non-union members alike. Through our extensive, specialized industry knowledge and experience, we’ll educate and advise you on your options as you approach many important decisions on the road to retirement. You’ll be equipped to make informed, optimal decisions regarding your pension plan and benefits, when to retire and your pension distribution strategy. We’ll also provide other post-retirement strategies to help maximize your lifetime income, including cash flow analysis, asset management and tax strategies.

Financial Planning & Investments

When it comes to financial planning and investing, we take a solutions-based approach, focusing on your unique values, needs, goals, timeline and risk tolerance. Being independent, we don’t focus on selling products. We’ll only ever recommend good-fit, appropriate strategies, products and services for your specific situation. To design your personalized financial plan, we leverage our extensive experience, specialized knowledge, and the latest academic market research to help deliver effective solutions for every stage of your life. And we’ll be there with you for the long haul, helping you monitor your progress and make adjustments along the way.

Insurance & Protection

Protect what’s yours through effective insurance planning. Having appropriate coverage for your situation can help provide protection for yourself and your loved ones, guarding against the potential financial devastation that life’s more unfortunate events can bring. We’ll complete a comprehensive risk assessment and make recommendations to help you secure the appropriate coverage for your needs, including life, disability, long-term care insurance and more.

Our Aproach

Raymond Wealth Management takes a solutions-based approach to financial planning and wealth management. By getting to know you, your values, needs, goals and circumstances, we can help you plan for the future you deserve.

Our Approach

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Here at Raymond Wealth Management, we are a team of helpful, accessible financial professionals dedicated to helping union members understand and harness the potential of their pension plans and retirement assets.

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