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Financial Planning for Unions

Retirement Plan Consultation for Unions and Their MEmbers

Unions exist to provide certain protections and securities for their active members and retired members. Through our specialized knowledge and experience and access to a wealth of resources, Raymond Wealth Management is positioned to help Unions and their members optimize the potential of members’ benefits. We provide helpful retirement plan consultations, plan performance reviews, improvements and management, employee consultations and group education. Let us help you do more for your members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unions often refer their members to us for a variety of reasons, and many members come to us because

  • They want to know if their savings goals and current trajectory will be enough to support them in retirement.
  • They want to know the optimal time to retire and if they are financially prepared.
  • They want to better understand their Union and retirement plan benefits.
  • They want to know if they should be doing anything else to prepare for a retirement they can enjoy.
  • They are seeking personalized investment advice and want to know if their asset allocation is balanced.
  • They are looking for insurance planning advice, more effective tax strategies, or have other questions surrounding their finances and need independent, helpful advice.

Union Member-Exclusive Services

Give union members the resources and access they deserve to help maximize their retirement assets and lifetime income.

401(k) Consultation Services

Education often plays a significant role in employee plan participation. Give union members the access to the guidance they need to make informed decisions surrounding their 401(k) contributions. We’ll also analyze overall plan performance, prepare reports and provide recommendations for enhancing allocation and plan performance.

Lifetime Income Analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of retirement expenses and income projections. We’ll help project income based on their pension, disbursement options and other drawdown and liquidation strategies. Leveraging our specialized knowledge, we’ll counsel them on strategies to help maximize their income potential.

IRA 72(t) Income Distribution Analysis (SEPP)

Our experienced team can provide advice on effective strategies for minimizing taxes and fees applied when members withdraw their retirement funds. One such strategy is taking substantially equal periodic payments (SEPP), which can help members avoid a 10% IRS penalty. Strategies like SEPP can help members keep more of what they’ve earned.

Explore Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA)

We offer guidance and strategic advice on stock distribution options for individuals who hold company shares. Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) is a savings plan stock distribution strategy in which the member takes possession of their shares without rolling them over into an IRA. Potential benefits include long-term capital gains and tax advantages.

For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult with a tax or legal advisor.  Neither Cetera Advisor Networks LLC nor any of its representatives may give legal or tax advice.

Plan & Portfolio Review and Analysis

Unions and their employees want to know that their plans and investments are positioned for optimal performance, where risk is mitigated and potential gains are maximized. Raymond Wealth’s financial professionals can perform a comprehensive analysis of plan performance and individual portfolio asset allocation strategies for cash, bonds and stock.

Pension DIstribution: Annuity or Lump Sum

For members, understanding distribution options and the impacts their choices may have is central to their overall financial strategy for retirement. Through one-on-one and group educational sessions, we’ll help members understand the benefits and drawbacks of annuity and lump sum pension payments. Our goals is to empower members to make informed decisions.

Changing GATT Rates

Working for a large company may involved pension plans that use monthly interest rates to figure out lump sum distributions. As monthly rates change, your pension may be affected. We can help you understand the effects on your pension, and discuss your different options so you can focus on living the life you’ve earned. 

Our Aproach

Raymond Wealth Management takes a solutions-based approach to financial planning and wealth management. By getting to know you, your values, needs, goals and circumstances, we can help you plan for the future you deserve.

Our Approach

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Here at Raymond Wealth Management, we are a team of helpful, accessible financial professionals dedicated to helping union members understand and harness the potential of their pension plans and retirement assets.

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